parking in Florence City Centre - park your car near the station

for hotels

Garage Giglio and Garage Giglio2 are able to offer all the hotels inside the ZTL traffic area of Florence, in the heart of the rolex replica city, special conditions for tourists willing park right in the city centre during their stay in Florence.

Both our parking lots are open every day of the year, holidays and Sundays included, full time from 7 am to 2 am. For those hotels with a standing agreement with breitling replica our garages, we offer car pick-up and drop off service directly at the hotel at the moment of arrival and departure.

Should our clients reach replica watches our garages before reaching the Hotels, our staff will get them directly to their hotels and proceed with parking.

Prices including Z.T.L taxes

Time: from 7 am to 2 am - 365 days a year

CARS (daily rates from 7 am to 2 am)

First hour €6.00
Successive hours €5.00
Daily rate €26.00

VANS (daily rates)

First hour €8.00
Successive hours €7.00
Daily rate €36.00/50.00


NOTE: prices may vary for larger prestigious vehicles, and vans.


First hour €3.00
Successive hours €3.00
Daily rates scooter €15.00

CAR WASH SERVICE (open from 8 am to 6 pm, closed sunday and holidays)

Car wash* €36.00
Car wash** €60.00
Car wash*** €12.00


* : Car wash service by hand, inside and out, which includes a meticulous cleaning of the interiors, car wax, drying and wheel and tyre cleaning.

** : Complete car wash service, inside and out, by hand + carpet cleaning.

*** : Treatment of air conditioning with disenfectant-germicide.

NOTE: prices may vary with larger vehicles.